• Professional Support and Supervision
  • Room and Board
  • Modest Monthly Stipend
  • Medical Insurance
  • Deferred Student Loans
  • Assistance With Travel Costs
  • Orientation, Retreats, and Workshops
  • AmeriCorps Educational Award

Good Shepherd Volunteers 2001-2002

Professional Support and Supervision
In every job site, the volunteers meet regularly with their site supervisors. This gives the volunteers opportunities to ask questions and receive guidance about the work that they are doing from trained professionals in the field.
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Room and Board
Housing is provided in every city, and the volunteers also receive $80/month for food. It is an expectation of the GSV that the volunteers pool their money to buy food and household supplies together. This not only builds community but makes the money go much farther as well.
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Modest Monthly Stipend
The stipend is $100/month. All bills are paid but the phone; this is the volunteers’ responsibility.
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Medical Insurance
The volunteers are provided with full medical coverage by the sites in which they work. They have dental coverage as well.
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Deferred Student Loans
Since the GSV is part of Americorps, the volunteers can get their student loans deferred for the year of service. The interest that loans accrue during the year will also be paid for by Americorps.
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Assistance With Travel Costs
The job sites pay for transportation to and from work. Also, the sites pay for the volunteers’ trips home at the end of the service year. It is the volunteers’ responsibility to get to the initial orientation at the beginning of the year.
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Orientation, Retreats, and Workshops
The volunteer year begins with an initial orientation retreat in New Jersey. This retreat is one week and focuses on the many aspects of the Good Shepherd Volunteers including: spirituality, simple living, social justice, cultural diversity and community. Each day has a different focus, and the week overall serves as a great way for the volunteers to initially get to know each other and the GSV program. Throughout the year, there are four weekend retreats. The first is in October and focuses on community. This is an opportunity for the houses of volunteers to get together and evaluate where they are and how things are going in community, and decide what areas may need some attention. The 2000-2001 GSV’s at the end of their fall retreat on community with Sr. Clare Nolan. The Winter retreat focuses on Social Justice. In the past, we have asked the organization Network (a Catholic Social Justice Lobby) to help us run this retreat. The Spring retreat has a focus of Spirituality. In general, this is more of a time for the volunteers to focus on their own personal spirituality, rather than do it in their communities. The last retreat ends the year and is “Disorientation” or “Reorientation”. It is a chance for the volunteers to start putting some closure on the volunteer year and to begin reflecting upon it. There are also opportunities in many of the sites for work-related trainings and workshops. These will vary from site to site.
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AmeriCorps Educational Award
The GSV is part of AmeriCorps. Therefore, upon your completion of the year and the 1700 required hours to serve, each volunteer receives a money voucher for $4725 to be used for past loans or further schooling.
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