Collier High School

To successfully serve Collier one needs to be flexible. However, flexibility does not rule out structure. Collier is very structured, but allows the Good Shepherd Volunteer to find their niche. Collier chooses to use the gifts and talents of the volunteer rather than just assign work, yet there are times when the situation will demand the volunteer to step out of their usual role. Depending on
what is needed, the volunteer must be open to new challenges and be willing to explore unfamiliar territory.

Another crucial part to the volunteer’s job is to recognize the resources available to them. At Collier the Staff and Administration are very open and willing to listen and give advice when necessary. Consulting with an advisor or staff when doubts or questions arise is important in maintaining a healthy attitude while serving . In closing, the job of a Good Shepherd Volunteer is not cut and dry, for the definition of the volunteer changes with each individual’s talents and promise.

Some areas that have been explored in the past include assisting in the following areas: library, fine arts class (dance, vocals, instrumental),Art, Yearbook, and/or P.E./Health c lasses. The G.S.V. has become substitute certified and tried out being a substitute when they felt ready. Another worked with our Human Services classes with an early childhood and geriatric population and our students. At times the G.S.V. has assisted with the supervision of students during recreational time and at lunch. They have tried one-on-one tutoring and SAT preparation. One G.S.V. assisted with our Activities Director and then actually took over the position when the Activity Director went on a maternity leave. At times the G.S.V. assisted with the environmental classes or club. The job possibilities are endless.
*** An individual with advanced computer skills that could share those skills with others or be a
trouble shooter when a computer breaks down would be a great asset to the program. This is in
no way a prerequisite, but it sure would be helpful.

Personal qualities, preparation and experience necessary? There is no particular training or
experience necessary. The qualities that are preferable include: courage, flexibility, initiative, a
natural curiosity, an open mind, the ability lo think on your feet, a good sense of humor, a good
work ethic, friendly manner, the desire to share, patience, and perseverance.