Youth Development Counselor/ Good Shepherd Volunteer St Helena’s Residence & Marian Hall

Reports to: Unit Supervisor

Job Summary: The main role of the Youth Development Counselor is to establish a healthy relationship with each child in the group, to act as a mature role model, and to enhance the overall therapeutic environment.

Job Duties

    • :


  • Planning the daily functioning of the group life experience:
    • Scheduling of youngsters’ activities, i.e. school, tutoring, recreation, maintenance..
    • Scheduling special activities for evenings and weekends as applicable and integrating
      youngsters in community activities as appropriate.
    • Ordering supplies as necessary for maintaining the house, material for activities, groceries, and other supplies.
  • Direct monitoring of youngster’s school performance. This will include:
    • Attendance at youngster’s Update Meetings.
    • Homework assistance and tutoring.
    • Scheduling communication of child’s individual performance with social workers.
  • Direct supervision and recording of youngster’s medical needs, and following up on
    recommendations, etc.
  • Maintaining child care logs including critical events.
  • Attendance at appropriate meetings.
  • Direct-line child care to create and maintain a therapeutic milieu in which each youngster is
    able to reach her potential and learn socially appropriate behavior, and homemaking skills
    and develop individual skills and abilities.
  • Must be able to engage people in a range of program activities including recreational
    activities which include physical interaction.
    * Must be able to engage in a range of crisis intervention including conflict resolution and
    physical restraint.
  • Carry out responsibility/role of primary Youth Development Counselor, includes
    cooking/preparing children’s meals, maintaining the physical upkeep of the house by
    cleaning and supervising children’s chores.
  • Sleepovers when needed.

Job Qualifications: Must be able to work in strength-based environment. Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills in order to maintain required documentation and ability to perform physical restraint of children, using approved restraint procedures. Must be able to successfully complete State Mandated crisis intervention training. NYS Driver’s License preferred to perform child care duties. High School Diploma and a minimum 2 years experience required. BA or AA Degree, plus experience preferred.